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Sharin Hall is a professional trainer and competitor in the barrel horse industry. Sharin has designed a line of training bits that she confidently stands behind.


Many miles in the saddle from training to competing inspired Sharin to design a line of bits from 1st step in training bit, to the ultimate finished bit. SH Pro Series bits are a result of Sharin's expertise in training and competing. She has created the perfect line of bits to work in-sync beautifully with the horse while at the same time giving and offering the rider the feel they are searching for.


The SH Pro Series Bits feature a complete line of bits that will get any trainer from start to finish, offering bits specifically designed for young green colts, to your finished competitor and everything in-between.  These bits are handmade and used here everyday in Sharin's training program.

SH Pro Series- SH01-M

SKU: 0094
  • This is a modified short shank bit that has an extended purchase. An extended purchase helps gain collection by adding leverage at the poll. This bit flexes the poll vertically, lifts the shoulders and encourages the horse to round their backs to get collection in hind quarters. Great for colts who are trying to root their nose or carry their head too high.

  • *Sharin Hall Bits are NOT eligible for DISCOUNT or Coupon Codes

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