Dr. Judd, DVM of Texas, states common side effects of Guanabenz® and Chlorpromazine® include “overreaching and ataxic reactions that can occur with excitation or violent episodes.”

Studies at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College revealed long-term use of Fluphenazine® developed unwanted side effects such as “unstable neurological signs, respiratory failure, and acute renal failure.”

"I recently started using Oxy Zen from the Equine 7 line on my futurity colts. The majority of them have a little anxiety from being hauled and the stress of performance, but when using Oxy Zen my horses stay calm, relaxed and focused. I am very impressed with each horse’s performance and attitude when using this product. I am extremely pleased with the results from all the Oxy-Gen products! Thank you, Oxy-Gen!" - Ryann Pedone, Decatur, TX

Oxy Zen / EQUINE 7

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  • * OXY ZEN *
    •Uses a variety of B vitamins to lower the blood pressure
    •Settles the stomach with magnesium oxide
    •Has immediate noticeable calming effect
    •Maintains “fire” and responsiveness
    •Natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs
    •Horse can train and perform at a level that is comfortable without them unnecessary risks associated with needles and pharmaceuticals
    •Helps horses overcome mental or physiological anxiety


    Oxy Zen was developed as a safe, natural, and needle-free solution to reduce symptoms of anxiety in horses without inhibiting their reflexes usually associated with pharmaceutical sedatives.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.