"My 4 year old “Credit Ta Fame” (Saturday) had weak, brittle feet that wouldn’t grow. His feet got so bad that the shoes wouldn’t stay on.  I gave him a full series (3 tubes) of Oxy Sox in 3 weeks.  Before I finished the 3rd week, his feet were strong enough to hold shoes again.  A couple of months later my farrier asked me what I had done different to this horse’s feet because there was such a noticeable difference and he was impressed! The growth and the quality of both hooves were amazing! Thank you Oxy-Gen and Oxy Sox for helping my horse!" - Caryn Henry, Seville, FL

Feeding Instructions:
Loading Dose: Feed 20cc per day for three days
Maintenance: Feed 10cc per day until problem subsides
Pre-Performance: Feed 20cc two hours prior to competition or training

Oxy Sox / EQUINE 7

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  • * OXY SOX *
    •Most common treatment for hoof growth or damaged hoof wall
    •Contains Egg Shell Membrane
    •Comes without the unwanted side effects of changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate, and possible gastrointestinal irritation
    •Increases blood flow to the lower legs and hoof both internally and externally
    •Improves health, soundness, and well-being
    •Easy to use paste, eliminating the daily crushing of multiple tablets to dose your horse
    •Improves thin hoof walls and thin soles, while showing less sensitivity when on hard surfaces


    When it comes to laminitis, navicular syndrome, and similar issues affecting the hoof of your horse, increasing the circulation to the bone can significantly reduce the time it takes to heal. Using recent technological developments, we've formulated Oxy Sox for horses facing hoof-related issues, and we've managed to accomplish this without unwanted side effects, including impacts on blood pressure and heart rate.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.