Oxy-Gen has been a great addition to my horses’ performance! After trying other products, it was very frustrating to not see any results.  When I decided to give Oxy Silver from the Equine 7 line a try, I was so surprised with the difference I noticed! All of my horses stay calm and focused but fire harder than they ever have using this product! I use Oxy Silver for every run I make now and Stingray is performing at the top of her game!  As a pre-performance paste, Oxy Silver gives me confidence that my horse has support in all areas of the body.  I would recommend anyone who feels that their horse is not performing to their full potential to give these products a try! Thank you Oxy-Gen for helping my team!" - Sherry Cervi, Marana AZ

Feeding Instructions:

Pre-Performance: Feed 20cc orally, two hours prior to competition

Oxy Silver / EQUINE 7

SKU: 0033
  • 100cc Tube

    Designed for older horses but can be used for horses of any age

    •Popular for back to back runs
    •Assists horses in breathing and lung performance
    •Provides the added benefit of acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, working to decrease inflammation and the creation of destructive enzymes associated with inflammation
    •Protects the stomach from developing an ulcer condition
    •Stops discomfort immediately while balancing the gut for optimal nutrient absorption and restores performance without any of the negative side effects that occur with the use of omeprazole
    •Lung, Joint, and Ulcer care for pre-race only. Will be out of system in 6-8 hours


    Oxy Silver is a pre-performance paste formulated to help senior horse athletes competing in physically demanding activities perform their best by providing a safe and natural alternative to the risks associated with injection and IV-based pharmaceuticals.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.