"Oxy 02 is the best pre-performance supplement that I have ever used! When you are looking for that little edge before you run, this product gives the results you need. I run “Slick by Design” on Oxy 02 for every run I make. My horses stay relaxed, focused and have reduced the recovery time after each run! Being an Oxy-Gen customer for 3 years, all my horses look healthy and feel great but with adding Oxy 02 they are now running harder than ever! With the advanced technology in this formula, I never worry about Slick not having that fire!"

-2013, 2014, 2015 NFR Qualifier, Michele McLeod

Feeding Instructions:
Loading Dose: Feed 20cc per day for three days
Maintenance: Feed 10cc per day to promote healing and manage symptoms
Pre-Performance: Feed 20cc two hours prior to competition or training

Oxy O2 / EQUINE 7

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  • * OXY O2 *
    •Increases oxygen to the lungs and relaxes the stressed respiratory muscles that line the lung airways
    •Administration is needle free, hassle free, safe, and a natural alternative to Clenbuterol/Ventipulmun
    •Ventipulmun tends to irritate the stomach over time, therefore, we guarantee Oxy O2 to not create any unwanted acid in the stomach
    •Formulated to allow the airways to dilate allowing the horse to take in increased levels of oxygen
    •Results are achieved without sacrificing the horse’s ability to "fire"
    •Provides relief from the respiratory distress so the horse can focus on performance rather than breathing
    •Aides in lowering blood pressure to relieve symptoms of EIPH
    •Popular for bleeders but may not replace lasix


    Bronchial spasms such as coughing are usually associated with airflow interference, so increasing oxygen to the lungs and relaxing the stressed respiratory muscles that line the lung airways is essential. Oxy O2 was formulated as a safe and natural, injection-free alternative to pharmaceuticals such as Ventipulmin® and their associated risks, and you can be confident that Oxy O2 never sacrifices your horse's ability to "fire" when it matters most.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.