"I have a few mares I haul that can get very irritable when they are cycling and its frustrating when it can affect their performance.  I have tried several things over the years to try to keep them more comfortable and not in pain especially when I am hauling them every weekend.  I was out of luck until I found out about Oxy Mare! I was very eager to test it on my horses and was very happy with the results.  Anytime I notice one of my horses starting to cycle, I immediately give them a dose and continue with a dose each day until the cycle is gone. The Oxy Mare seems to keep them relaxed and focused for their runs. It works like a charm!" -2X WPRA World Champion, Brittany Pozzi- Victoria, TX

Loading Dose: Feed 20cc per day for three days when unwanted symptoms begin
Maintenance: Feed 10cc per day during estrus cycle
Pre-Performance: Feed 20cc four hours prior to competition or training

Oxy Mare / EQUINE 7

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  • * OXY MARE *
    •Most popular for mares that come in heat at an event or trailering with other horses
    •Will ease inflammation off ovaries and relax the stomach
    •Can effectively suppress estrus in mares of breeding age ultimately improving performance
    •Safe to handle and administer without fear of human contact side effects
    •Designed as a natural replacement for Regu-Mate
    •When treatment is discontinued, mares exhibit regular estrous cycles
    •Alleviates moodiness and temperament changes associated with estrus by balancing hormones
    •Decreases inflammation of smooth muscle tissues such as ovaries and uterus allowing mares to hold form while in completion.
    •Helps control soreness and pain associated with mares cycles. Note: most mares will experience a short cycle within first week of starting the product


    Eliminate hormone therapy to regulate or halt your mare's cycle by switching to Oxy Mare, which is your safe and natural solution to restoring your mare's concentration and associated problems due to her estrus cycle.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.