• Only paste program available for both Gastric (front) and Duodenal (hind) ulcers drugfree and naturally
  • Can be used safely every day to support the stress and strain of training, hauling, and competition without fear of negative side effects as seen in products containing omeprazole
  • Oxy-Aide program is half the time of other programs
  • Cost is a fraction of vet recommended omeprazole programs
  • Magnesium salts is the active ingredient that is hydrated in oils able to pass to the hind gut
  • We recommend Oxy-Max or Mag-Max daily to be used as a preventative once a program is complete


Standard Feeding: Feed 20cc per day for 15 days
For best continued results, follow with
Oxy-Max and Mag-Max as a preventative


Feed 10cc prior to competition or training
Feed 10cc before hauling


100cc Tube—$100.00
3 x 100cc Tubes—$250.00 (bundled price)

Oxy Aide / EQUINE 7

SKU: 0036
  • Equine ulcers are a real and significant problem for up to 90% of all horses in training and competition. Oxy Aide is formulated to support BOTH front gut and hind gut systems so your horse can enjoy a return of appetite, a restoration of performance and associated temperament, and be the competitor you are looking for from him or her.

    EQUINE 7 is our premium line of horse supplements using the latest technology to combat the problems and issues facing today's competitive horse.